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÷In the modern world, the division sign has its importance when it comes to the subject of mathematics. The usage of division surrounds you. If you are well aware of the division sign, does it serve you well? Not at all. You can never underestimate the significance of division related to its symbols, how we can use them when you can use them, and the basic questions.

Its symbol (÷) was first used in 1659 in the book written by Johann Rahn. Apart from being used in mathematics, the division process is also used in computers. It is used in the encoding and entry process on the keyboard also includes it. If you’re wondering about division signs, their usage, and you can type a division sign on the keyboard. All your queries will be addressed ideally as this article contain all the details of the division process.

Without further ado, let’s discuss this in detail.

What is a division sign, and what is its meaning in mathematics?

We have discussed the history of the division symbol the first used. Now let’s get into the true meaning of division in mathematics and what it is.

The division process is used to distribute the larger things into similar equal parts. For example, if you have one thousand rupees and you have to distribute them among 10 individuals. Then, you have to divide thousand over 10 to get the 10th part of this amount.

1000÷10 = 100

In other words, the division process is the inverse process of multiplication. For example, if we multiple 100 with 10, then the exact amount will be obtained.

100 x 10 = 1000

It is a method for equal partitioning of the large quantity by which we give equal shares. The number you’re dividing is named as “Dividend,” and the no. with which you’re dividing is called “Divisor”.

Different signs of division

As we have discussed the exact meaning and usage of the division process, let’s move towards the different signs used for the division process. Different signs can be used between two no to show the division process. However, a few of them are commonly used in mathematics. The various signs are given below:

÷Division Sign. This is the most commonly used sign for the division process in mathematics. It is the short horizontal line where one dot is placed above, and one is below the line. This sign is specially named Obelus. As we discussed above, the division sign is used in 1659 in the book written by Johann Rahn. Interestingly the sign which had been used for the division process was the same Obelus sign.

This sign is used in engineering to represent different values, especially in Italy and Poland and in some other countries. After being used by the Swiss mathematician, its usage increased so much that it took the permanent place as division sign being the most popular one.

e.g. 15÷ 3= 5

/Slash Sign. This is the 2nd sign being used for the division process. Though it’s used for many purposes apart from the division process, we discuss it only as the division process. When it comes to its usage, De-Morgan firstly used it in the mid of nineteenth century. Before that period, it was used for fractions or ratios.

E.g. 15/3= 5

To indicate the division between the two no’s, it is often used. Additionally, the Obelus sign can be replaced with a slash sign. The purpose remains the same: Division.

For example, 15÷ 3 can be written as 15/3. The result is the same.

Fraction Sign. This is the 3rd sign used for division. The horizontal line where one figure is written above this horizontal line and the other is written below the line.

This is also used alternatively to the other two signs. It serves the same purpose the other signs do. People are familiar with this sign which means it clearly shows the division process.

The lower term is divided on the upper term to the accurate answer. The reverse process can lead to the wrong answer.

The process of division

When it comes to the division process, it basically divides the big term into small parts that are equal in no. for example, if we want to make 4 parts of 48, then it will undergo division process and when 48 is divided by 4 then answer will we will get the answer for one part, i.e., 12 .

48÷4 = 12

As this is the inverse process of the multiplication, then we can multiply 12 with 4 to make sure whether the answer is right or not.  12×4= 48

When you can use division sign

After getting aware of the division signs, now the question arises: Can we use this division process or “Why do we need it?” In our daily life, we have to deal with figures where we have to make small desired parts of that figure. In earlier ages, the calculation process didn’t have specific rules but put marks on sheep bodies. This could be used for short no’s. When the world made progress, this inverse process of multiplication was invented by the mathematician. In business, whilst dealing with huge no’s, the old method fails. This is where the division process is used to have equal segmentation of the huge figures as per needs.

Suppose you’re a businessman and earn 1 million profit per month. Out of 1 million, you reserve 1 lac for your employees, which 10 in total. Now, if they’re at an equal level, you will make ten parts of 1 lac to make an equal salary for each one of them, which is ten thousand. It is just an example for better understanding of the usage of the division sign. It’s up to you which sign you use for division purposes. This doesn’t make any difference as the result will be the same.

How to type division signs?

In this era, different modes are available in order to proceed division process.  Suppose you have a calculator, then there’s no worry to have the exact answer. But if you’re on the computer or mobile, then how you type division sign for writing purpose on keyboard. This is the most common question, and 95% of people don’t know how to use these division signs to proceed division process.

type division symbol on pc windows

Type division sign on windows

  1. First, you have to turn on the NUMLOCK
  2. Press the ALT key
  3. Type 0247 while tabbing the ALT key at the same time
  4. You’ll get a division sign on your laptop screen.

type division symbol on mac

Type division sign on mac

  1. First, you have to open the mac
  2. You need to press the “Option + /
  3. You’ll get a division sign as a result.

Alternatively, you can press Option+00F7, and this will also lead to a division sign to type on screen.

type division symbol on IPhone

Type division sign on IPhone

  1. open keyboard
  2. press ?123 button to open numeric keypad
  3. Get a division sign on numeric keypad screen.

type division symbol on Android phone

Type division sign on Android Phone

  1. open keyboard
  2. Get division sign / in the bottom left corner

The symbols displayed depend on the version of android, if not found on the first screen, you can follow the method type on IPhone above.

type division symbol in word

Type division sign in Word/Excel

While using Word/Excel or Powerpoint, you need to follow specific points to type the division sign.

  1. First of all, open the Insert tab
  2. Press the “symbols” option, then
  3. Choose the division sign there
  4. Then this sign will insert into the document as a result.

Or you can press ALT+ 0247 to get division sign, the same method on windows above.

Codes of Division signs

In computer science, different signs are associated with multiple codes by character encoding standards. The table is given below in which signs are written against particular codes in the same box:

Fun-Facts about Division

There are different interesting fun-facts in division process that make it distinguished among several mathematical methods. Some of them are given below:

Frequently asked questions

When you undergo any process or practice anything, we tend to have queries as people come up with various questions that they commonly ask. As far as the division process is concerned, numerous questions are frequently asked.

  • 1. Why are there different signs for the division process?
    This is a valid question to ask. Various signs are being used for the division as per education level. At the beginner level, ÷ sign is mainly used, but as the level increases, i.e., graduate or post-graduate level, then signs variety is enhanced. Different mathematician did their own work in the division process. That’s why to represent their work individually; they selected their own notation. E.g. (/) division sign was used by De-Morgan in 1845.
  • 2. Can we divide positive no by negative no?
    Yes, we can. If you divide the two same signs, then the answer will always be positive in any case. But if you go with one negative integer and other positive integers, then the answer must be negative.
  • 3. Is it difficult to proceed with long division?
    Well, if you understand the basics of division very well, then it’s no longer challenging to go with long division. However, there are high chances you’ll make mistakes due to a lack of practice. The method is the same, but only you need to apply the basics where they are required. Usually, you forget to use the basics at a single step. As a result, either you’ll get the wrong answer or stuck in the middle of the division process. If you do enough practice and memorize the basics with a whole heart, the long division will not be any problem.
  • 4. Is it easy to learn division?
    It’s pretty easy to learn division, but before learning, you need to learn multiplication. Suppose you direct come to learn division without learning multiplication. In that case, it won’t be easy for you to learn (In fact, impossible). The division is an opposite process from multiplication, which means they are closely linked with each other.
  • 5. What is the importance of division signs codes? How can they help you?
    When you undergo any action on your action, then your computer or mobile understands the codes behind the action. For example, suppose you have to type the division sign (÷). In that case, you have to go with a specific code that is associated with it only. The computer understands the assembly language, which converts your putting commands into binary codes. This is why you can perform any action on your computer, or else you won’t be able to type what you want.


The division is one of the essential arithmetic pillars that has its importance in mathematics. It meant to distribute the big things into smaller equal parts as per needs. Your daily life has become dependent on division due to its role in the calculation. There are various signs used for this division process as per education level. i.e. (÷), (—) ¸ (/) (these are the common ones).

Different methods are available to type division signs on Windows, word, excel, Android and IPhone. As far as different codes are concerned for division signs, they help you perform your PC’s division process. There are various questions related to the division process that may come up within the people’s minds. To learn the division process, one needs to learn the basics and be well aware of the division signs.

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