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While learning any language or system, we start from the basic and simplest unit of that thing. Let’s say English; if you wants to learn it, you should first know its alphabets and later how they join to make a mean.

Similarly, while dealing with mathematics, one should learn about the symbols and their utilization during calculations. Besides many common symbols like multiplication (×), addition (+), subtraction (-), and division (÷), not equal sign (≠) is one of the basic signs in math. The significance of knowledge of not equal sign, its various forms, its usage, and more vital how to type it in different software and situations can’t be neglected in this modern era.

Not Equal Sign In Mathematics

Amongst the commonly seen, heard, and used symbols and signs in maths, not equal symbol is one of them. Recorde is the first person who introduced the unequal symbol. At first, he developed the equal sign, and then by making some changes to them, he introduced this not equal sign. That’s why it is often defined as the variation on the equal sign. In mathematics, this symbol is used to show the un-equality between two values and things.

However, the not equal sign is used in a wide range of situations and equations, but we will discuss few examples to understand it more clearly.

10 ≠ 12 shows that 10 is not equal to 12.

This s a simple sign, and there is nothing technical to understand.

How To Type A Not-Equal Sign

Time has gone when some use to write the thing on the paper to keep a record, nowadays specifically computer and different systems are used to write huge things with less effort and more conveniently. Each platform has different ways of accessing the not equal sign.

For a newbie, it can de arduous for him to type not equal sign on various software and word processing programs during calculations. The following are the commonly used mediums with their instructions on how to type not equal sign on these platforms.

How to type a not equal sign on keyboard

To type the not equal sign on the keyboard, open NumLock first, then hold the ALT key and typing 41433. Note that this is invalid in microsoft word program. Alt + 41433 = ≠.

How to type a not equal symbol on Mac

Mostly the apple system is quite different from other brands, and its typing keys and combinations are also not the same as on a normal keyboard. To type not equal sign on Mac, you have to type and hold on the option key and simultaneously type the equal key (=) on the top key bar.

How to type a not equal symbol in word

The not equal sign can be typed on the word by typing the code 2260 and then select this code and then type the alt+x. This will convert the code into the not equal sign. Or hold the ALT key and type 8800. Alt + 8800 = ≠.

If someone doesn’t know the code and short keys to type the not-equal sign-on word, he can type it by going to the insert on the top left and further to the symbol, and there he will find the not equal symbol.

How to type a not equal symbol in excel

The insertion of the not equal sign in the Excel is not as same as in the word. To write ≠ in excel, one has to type <> operator in the function bar of Excel. Or follow the steps below to get it:

  1. First of all, open the Insert tab to the top menu.
  2. Press the “symbol” option on the top right corner.
  3. Choose “Mathematical Operators” subset, get the not equal there.

Codes Of The Not Equal Sign

In computer sciences and languages, there are character encoding standards according to which codes are assigned to different symbols and characters.

Different Forms Of Not Equal Symbol

In mathematics, sometimes we use different signs in different situations, but the meaning and primary purposes are co-relevant or the same. Similarly, the not equal sign is utilized in different forms of symbols like<, >, ≥, ≤.now we will discuss how these symbols can give the meaning of not equality.

Greater than

> This symbol is called the greater than symbol, and it is used in various comparative situations while comparing two unequal values or equations. The value written on the left side of the sign is greater than the value written on the right side of the sign. This sign shows that the two things on either side of the symbol are not equal. In this way, it gives the meaning of the (≠) symbol.

Smaller than

< This sign is commonly known as “smaller than” and is used when we have to show that the value on the left side of the sign is smaller than the value on the right side. Since it also shows the un-equality of two things, it gives the reflection of the not equal sign.

Greater than or equal to

Greater than or equal to sign, as its name indicates that the value on the left side of the symbol is either equal to or greater than the value on the right side of the sign. In this situation, there is a probability that both the values may or may not be equal to each other.

Smaller than or equal to

Smaller than or equal to sign can be used in the sense of not equal sign because the value on the left side of the symbol can be equal to or smaller than the value on the right side of the sign. A left-handed thing can’t be greater than the right-handed value.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Not Equal Sign

Sometimes some queries remain in mind even after reading the complete article. Some of the questions with their appropriate answers are given below. These are questions that are frequently asked by the audience about the article to clear their concept and remove any confusion.

  • 1. When to use the not equal symbol?

    In mathematics, not equal sing is used where there is a need to show the values on both sides of the symbol are not alike or equal.


     A + bC + d in this equation, it is shown that the sum of two values, a and b is not equal to the cumulative effect of c and d.

  • 2. Does <> mean not equal?

    The symbols <> is used to denote the difference between two values because in the former sign, the thing is shown less, and in the latter sign, the value is shown greater than the other. So in both the situation the inequality is prominent and the unequal sign is also used to show inequality. In this sense, they give the same meaning.

  • 3. Is there any shortcut for a not equal sign?

    Of course, like other mathematical symbols, not equal sign also has its short keys to type it in different platforms and software like on the keyboard, word, excel, and Mac. To know about these keys, learn the above paragraph,” how to type it in various platforms.”

  • 4. What is <> in SQL query?

    SQL stands for a structured query language. Like other computer languages, it is one of them. SQL is a kind of programming language that aims at retrieving specific information from the database.  In SQL, not equal operator is known either the two expressions are equal or not. If the answer is true, then it means that the condition is true, and if it matched, the condition is false.


Conclusively, among the most basic and important signs and symbols in mathematics, not equal sign deserves a unique place, owing to the diversity of its usage and forms. We would not be able, how and when to use properly the not equal sign if we don’t know its usage, its variant signs, its importance, and its applications at different levels in mathematics.  In mathematical professionalism, it is necessary and most basic to have a thorough knowledge of all signs and symbols.

The significance of understanding of not equal sign, its utilization, how to type it in different software, and codes of not equal symbol can’t be neglected in this modern and competitive era. If someone wants to have a full understanding of not equal sign, then the above-discussed tips and knowledge can give a thorough understanding of not equal symbol. It will teach everything from A to Z about not equal sign in moths, how to use it appropriately in different situations, it is coding in different computer languages, and how to type it on various platforms. In short, after reading this article, you can’t say that something is amiss in it about not equal sign.

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