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In Mathematics, root symbol is commonly used when it comes to calculations. You might be wondering what it actually means (we’ll discuss it in-depth later on in this article). For now, it’s enough to say that what no. is obtained after radical no is two times the original no.

e.g. √4 = 2

It clearly shows that the 2 is the square root of 4 which means when 2 is multiplied itself by then, the original no: radicand is obtained.

As far as the origin is concerned, it’s quite controversial. However, most of the mathematicians believe that the Arab mathematicians first used this symbol in their calculations. One of them is Abu al-Hasan-ibn-e-Ali. Sources state that it was first taken from the Arabic word “ج”

Leonhard Euler considered it was taken from the letter “r” referring to “radix.”

It is first used in 1525 in print.

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What is a radical symbol in math, and what mean in mathematics?

Having discussed it a little bit introduction along with its origin, let’s dive deeper into its actual meaning in mathematics.

As stated above, when the obtained no is multiplied by itself, it gives the original no on which radical symbol is applied. This no is also called radicand because of its function applied. When we talk about real number, it also has two square roots: one is positive, and 2nd one is negative.

The degree of the radical symbol states how many times the answer is multiplied itself after implying a radical sign.

What is the calculation process?

We have discussed its exact meaning in mathematics, here comes to calculation process of the radical sign

Start with an example

4 × 4 = 16 it means √16 =4

Does it make sense to you? It should. Anyhow, let’s go straight into it. When a simple radical sign is written, it states that its power is 2. If the root sign’s power is 2 then the radicand power must be 2 to cancel each other. In this above example is radicand is 16 and it gets power 2 when we replace it 4 × 4.

As a result, power 2 of 4 gets canceled by power 2 of the radical sign. This is how we get the original answer; 4.

The same procedure is followed in the radical equation. Both sides of radical sides need to have power 2 to cancel each other and this process goes like that, solving the equation to get further values as a result.

When to use the root symbol?

This is a quite valid question to ask. Although we already have discussed it, let’s elaborate further.

In mathematics, there are quite complex calculations at the advanced level. There wasn’t any specific symbol that was used in them for further simplification. There came root symbol just to show that it is two times the answer we need to get. In radical equation complexity further enhances as one side and sometimes both sides consist of radical sign that makes it easier to calculate in solving process.

As stated above, both sides need to have power 2 to cancel each other. Broadly speaking; still there is no simpler and easier sign that can be alternatively used in any mathematical representation.

How to type root symbol on PC Windows, Mac, word, excel and powerpoint

Typing root signs is not something everyone familiar with. Most people do copy-paste it apart from learning the process of typing in various places.

Type root symbol on PC Windows

There are two methods to type it on pc windows.

Method 1:

Press Alt key + 41420 to type on PC windows. Note that this method is not valid for the Microsoft Word.

Method 2:

Type 221A and then press Alt +X to convert alt code into square root symbol.

Type root symbol on Mac

You can type it on MAC with the easier method.

  1. Open the document where you want to type it
  2. The place you want to type, click there
  3. Click option + V, and the symbol will be inserted in the chosen place.

Type root symbol on Microsoft Word

For typing Root symbol on MS word follow the process given below:

  1. First, open word file document and place the cursor where you want to type.
  2. Click on the “INSERT” menu at the top right corner of your word file.
  3. Go to Symbols and click the more symbols.
  4. Click on the subset dropdown menu select mathematical operators.
  5. Press on the root sign for further inserting.

In Excel or Powerpoint, follow these steps above to enter root symbol.

Codes of the root symbol

There are different codes for root symbol along with their symbols as mentioned in the table below:


What are the forms of root signs?

Here we’ll discuss the three different forms of the radical symbol. Let’s discuss one by one.

Square root

It stands that the power of the radical symbol is 2. There is no need to mention 2 on the root sign. It’s already understood.

e.g. √4  it means the power of 4 is 1/2, which is equal to 2.  In other words 2 × 2 = 4.

Cube root

When the power is mentioned 3 then it’s called cube root. It means the answer should be 3 times multiplied by itself.

e.g.  ∛ 27 it means the power of 27 is 1/3, which is equal to 3. In other words 3 × 3 × 3 is equal to 27.

Forth root

It refers to the power 4 on radical sign.

e.g. ∜16. It implies that 16 has the power of ¼. In other words, 2 × 2 × 2 × 2= 16.

Frequently asked questions of root symbol

People may come up with a variety of questions. Frequently asked are mentioned below:

  • 1. What are the applications of square root?

    It used in complex and numerical problems. Area in algebra and trigonometry can easily be found with square roots. Further, it is used to find the length of each side in the area.

  • 2. How can we solve the root inside the root?

    It’s quite an easier one. First of all take the root of the inner side and then move to the outer root to get the answer.

    e.g. √√16 = √4 = 2

  • 3. Can we copy-paste the radical symbol?

    Yes. Actually, most people who perform mathematics on a computer use copy and paste. But for properly typing, there are different steps that need to be followed for each application and gadget. i.e. pc windows, excel, android, iPhone.

  • 4. What is the role of codes of root signs in computer science?

    There are various codes applied for different sign (as mentioned above) that give understanding to computer language as computers understand the coding.

    Due to them, the process is quite shorter and quicker.


Root sign has great importance in mathematics, and its usage in computer science is quite vast. There are many steps to be followed in order to type in computer applications.

Computer algorithms understand the coding language, and this is why different codes are there for root sign. Its calculation process is easy to learn. There are many questions people ask about it, frequently asked are mentioned above with answers.

The radical sign can be power 2, 3, 4,…… and therefore, it’s named as square root, cube root, fourth root, and so on. These are the different forms of root symbol depending upon the powers.

Still, you come up with a question leave it in the comment section and let us know if this article helped you out to get deep understanding about the root symbol.

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